QUESTIONS for Schools

Photo of a school campus

There are many considerations when choosing a respiratory care program that meets your needs. Most likely, you’ll want to find one close to home, but there are other considerations as well. What kind of preparation do you have? How many students will be in the class? Where will clinical practicums be held?

The AARC developed a template of questions you can ask a prospective school to help you evaluate a potential program. Review the questions below. Adapt them and make them your own as you prepare to find a respiratory care program.




Other fees:

Uniforms & equipment:


Instructor-to-student ratio in the classroom:

Instructor-to-student ratio in the training lab:

Instructor-to-student ratio in clinical practicums:

Adult general care:

Adult critical care:

Pediatric general care:

Pediatric critical care:

Perinatal critical care:

Diagnostics (pulmonary function testing):

Blood gas analysis:

Sleep disorders evaluation:


Home care:


Education (patient and staff development):