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Designed for respiratory therapists, students, and anyone working in a field related to respiratory therapy, the AARC supports the respiratory therapy profession.

As the leading national and international professional association for respiratory therapy, the AARC–

  • Encourages and promotes professional excellence.
  • Advances the science and practice of respiratory therapy.
  • Serves as an advocate for patients and their families, the public, the profession, and the respiratory therapist.

Membership to the AARC instantly connects you to colleagues across the U.S. and even in other countries. Members network through live events, educational opportunities, and the AARConnect, a members-only communication platform. Share ideas and best practices, ask questions and seek guidance all in AARConnect.

Members also receive regular email newsletters packed with educational offerings, industry news and tips, career opportunities, specialty-specific resources, and AARC event information.

Founded in 1947, the AARC currently serves more than 47,000 members worldwide.